Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Motorcycle Safety Tips

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Please note: This is not a complete list...

Be Safe & Enjoy The Ride!

  1. Inspection Check for tire wear, tire air pressure, make sure all your lights and turn signals are in good working order. Check that your brakes are also working properly.
  2. Summer Gear Protective gear while riding is of the utmost importance. It is tempting to wear less gear in the summer because of the heat but safety has to come first. A good quality rated helmet, eye protection, hand and foot protective gear are all necessary safety items.
  3. Insurance Make sure your motorcycle insurance is active and paid up to date. Make sure you have at least the state minimum coverage. Check to see if your policy has full replacement costs for your bike including any upgrades you may have installed.
  4. Refresher Rider Course If you haven't rode in a while, you might want to consider taking a refresher riding course. Many states require new riders to participate in a safety rider course and some even offer a refresher course.
  5. Weather Conditions Be prepared, the weather in Ohio changes constantly. You do not want to be caught in the rain when far from home.
  6. Be Visible Make sure all your lights and turn signals are working. Wear clothing that has reflective properties. Be aware of your surroundings. Watch out for the other drivers and riders.
  7. Know Your Motorcycles Limitations Know your motorcycles braking capabilities, speed and acceleration and for both good and bad weather conditions. Have a plan B in place for any unexpected road detours and weather conditions.
  8. Passengers If you are allowing passengers, make sure you have an extra helmet and riding gear. Educate them on your riding style and how you want them to communicate with you when riding.
  9. Be Respectful We all know safety has to come first. You would not want others to be reckless in their driving habits while you are on your motorcycle. So, you should be mindful and not weave in and out of traffic, use your turn signals, obey the speed laws. If you feel the need to test your skills on your motorcycle do so in a controlled environment not with other traffic involved. It only takes one irresponsible act to change your life and the lives of others in a terrible way. Be safe and enjoy your summer...

Be Proactive

It is always a good idea to make sure your motorcycle is working properly and is in the best condition possible. Make sure all your lights and turn signals work. All fluids are topped off and not leaking. Make sure your tires and brakes are in good condition. Any time you have your motorcycle serviced ask them to do a safety check. Have them check your lights, brake lights, tires and brakes. Be sure that they document this on your service report. This document may come in handy if you are ever a victim of an accident with this motorcycle.

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Motorcycle safety Tips, Canton Injury Lawyer 44702, 44708, 44710, 44721, 44709, Eshelman Legal Group

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