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Fun Car Facts

Fun Car Facts, Canton Injury Lawyers

Fun Facts

The world population is over 7 billion. There is an estimated 7 billion registered cell phones world wide. There are an estimated 1 billion plus cars on the road world wide.

Painted Lines on the Road

We all grew up with roads that have painted center lines and edges. The use of paint to mark the lanes were first used in Michigan in 1911. In 1917 California and Oregon joined Michigan and started to paint lines on their roads as well. Lines painted on our roads have been a great help in making our driving safer. Can you imagine the problems that would arise if our highways did not have each lane well defined.

The Cleveland Connection

The first electric traffic light was introduced in Cleveland, Ohio on the corner of East 105th Street and Euclid Avenue in 1914. As you can see the early 1900's made significant progress towards making our public roads safer with the invention of the traffic light and painted lines on the roads. These ideas had stood the test of time and we would not think about a major road without traffic lights or painted lines.

More Cleveland Firsts

Cleveland boasts one of the first companies to sell an automobile. The Winton Motor Carriage Company located in Cleveland, Ohio . Winton's first cars were made by hand and their tires were made by B.F. Goodrich. The Winton Company built the first semi-truck and the first car hauler. The first car to be driven across the United States was a Winton in 1903 by Dr. H Nelson Jackson. Dr. Jackson drove his Winton from San Francisco, California to New York City. The journey was 5500 miles on much rougher roads than what we are used to driving on. It took Dr. Jackson from May 23rd to July 26th, just over two months. The word "automobile" was first used by a man from Cleveland, Ohio. A reporter from the Cleveland Plain Dealer named Charles Shanks. Charles coined the term "automobile". Charles Shanks traveled with Dr. Jackson on his cross country trip. Charles wrote numerous articles for the newspaper during this two month journey. Charles used the word automobile so many times in his articles that the American readers adopted it.


Ransom Eli Olds founder of the Oldsmobile brand was born in Geneva, Ohio.

The Cleveland Automobile Club founded in 1900 is the oldest car club in the country. In 1902 the Cleveland Automobile Club joined with 8 other car clubs and formed the American Automobile Association better know today as the AAA ( Triple A )

There are many interesting historical firsts and facts that relate to the automobile that have started and evolved in and around Cleveland, Ohio. You can read more here

We hope you enjoyed this article on fun facts. We hope to have another fun fact this year. We hope the Cleveland Cavaliers become the very first NBA team to come back from a 3 - 1 deficit and come home with a championship!


Fun Car Facts, Canton Injury Lawyers

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