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Formerly: DWI, DUI, OMVI, or drunk driving...Ohio General Assembly changed the statute to OVI in January 2005 to more accurately reflect the actual scope of the offense since it doesn't necessarily require "driving" or that the "operation" be in a "motor vehicle." While the Law Firm of The Eshelman Legal Group never condones irresponsible driving in any manner under any circumstance. We do understand people including arresting officers can make a mistake. If you feel you were falsely accused or you were pulled over without probable cause, you may have a valid legal case that will help eliminate all charges brought against you.

Varying Factors

If you feel you were falsely arrested or treated unfairly you may be entitled to legal recourse and possibly compensation. There are several reasons to justify taking action against authority. These reasons can be an over aggressive officer, falsified police reports, entrapment, framing the driver, not enough facts, bad apple cop, without probable cause for pulling you over.

Enough Proof

If we can prove a false arrest most likely all the charges against you will be thrown out. Along with all the charges being eradicated you may also be entitled to damages and monetary compensation. Each case is unique and your DUI attorney will explain to you in detail exactly what you are entitled to. Law enforcement may be held liable for false arrest in civil court. In order for a false arrest claim to hold up, you must show that you were arrested without probable cause or a proper purpose. If a false arrest is proven, then the people responsible for the arrest may be required to pay money damages to the victim. If this is the case, individual officers and sometimes entire police departments or governments may be responsible. A lawsuit like this may allow you to collect for damages such as loss of salary while in prison or the value lost from a damaged reputation. Other punitive damages like ill will and malice may be factors in damages as well. Are you entitled to damages? Do you have a false arrest case? Speak with our DUI attorney about your case and your options. Call: 1-800-365-0001

Don't Wait

Ohio has strict time limits on how long you can wait before you file your case. If you wait to long, you will forfeit your case completely. It is in your best interest to contact the experienced lawyers at the Eshelman Legal Group to see if you actually have a case. Remember, your initial consultation is free and we do not get paid unless we win your case.

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DUI, OVI, DWI, OWI, Ohio, Canton Injury Lawyers

Attorneys Richard & Jason Eshelman have represented hundreds of clients over a span of 40 years in the Northeast Ohio area. We’ll make things right when you’ve been falsely accused.

Our practice is limited to the representation of people, not insurance companies. Our years of experience make us a serious force, widely respected by insurance companies. The result is the ability to obtain top dollar settlements for our clients. We can help if you or someone you love has been falsely accused.

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